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Cortex Primer: S02E05

April 02, 2021 — Hugh Manoid

This week on Cortex Primer, twenty one flavors of flash-fried vegetables (mostly vegetable flavors) hit the plate! Do Hugh Manoid's health conscious diet changes hint at a mid-life crisis of Corvettes and Coeds? A longing to achieve a feeling of youthfulness? A deep existential ennui from which the only escape is the sweet release of the full erase head? Tune in for another manually tracked life lesson!


  1. Clocolan - Negative Delta S
  2. The Advisory Circle - Escape Lane
  3. Boards Of Canada - Jacquard Causeway
  4. Broken Machine Films Presents... - The Computer Chronicles 1
  5. The Nazg├╗l - The Dead Marshes (Cherrystones - Alive And Well Edit)
  6. Psychonic Imaging - Testing Your New Remote Control Skeleton
  7. Filmmaker - New Dark Ages
  8. The Night Monitor - Caves, Candles And Archives
  9. Barry Caws - Evolution
  10. The Boreal Network - Terminal Moraine
  11. Listening Center - A Wasteland Game
  12. VHS Head - Do You Understand?
  13. Cialyn - In From The Cold
  14. Frequent C - The Window
  15. Moon Wiring Club - Musicke-Go-Round
  16. Loafeye - Low A.M.
  17. Broken Machine Films Presents... - The Martian Report
  18. Cities Of Earth - Glass Castles
  19. Thriftwicker Audio Society - Drift
  20. Redpoint - The Fun They Had
  21. Shammen Delly - Say Goodnight

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