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Cortex Primer: S02E06

April 09, 2021 — Hugh Manoid

This week, Hugh Manoid stumbles upon a box of expired antibiotics while cleaning out his attic and struggles with the ethics of involuntary puppeteering. Will he find his way back to the ladder in time to avoid the late fees? Will he ever forgive himself for buying that encyclopedia set in 1997? Stay tuned!


  1. Black Mountain Transmitter - Oscillator Ritual (Excerpt)
  2. 空隙 - エイリアン
  3. Pye Corner Audio - Palais Spectres
  4. The Heartwood Institute - The Age Of Aquarius
  5. Panamint Manse - Wildrose
  6. The Duke St Workshop - Threshold Of Light
  7. Broken Machine Films Presents... - Dim The Light
  8. Redpoint - Compliance
  9. Brian King - For Tim J.
  10. Christ. - Breathe Between Sleep
  11. Listening Center - Ictus Phase
  12. Loafeye - End Of It
  13. 骨架的 - Sunset
  14. VCR Classique - News Of Tomorrow (Excerpt)
  15. Tangerine Dream - Exit

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