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Cortex Primer: S02E08

April 30, 2021 — Hugh Manoid

This week on Cortex Primer, Hugh Manoid finally gets a hold of his estranged assistant. Dude was all slippery, it was a real mess. No, I'm not going to write that, hey, come on, look I can only - fine. Tune in tonight for the big reveal! Look, I keep telling you, it's not - no, it's oil based, you can't just wash it off with the hose, it's cold! Come on!


  1. Karl Jenkins & Mike Ratledge - Island Universe
  2. Neil Scrivin - Travelling Hopefully
  3. Geoff Bastow - Tomorrow's Transport
  4. Concretism - The Age Of The Train
  5. David Mellor - Air Currents
  6. The Advisory Circle - Modern Through Movement
  7. Al Bird Dirt - Congratulations, You Landed On The Moon
  8. Władysław Komendarek - Trzeci Test
  9. Alan Hawkshaw - Heavy Industry
  10. Boreal Network - Corporate Training Video
  11. Williams & Grossart - Shining Ice
  12. Stefano Leproto - End Titles From Fern Faced Man
  13. Percival Pembroke - Harlequin's Labyrinth II
  14. Brian Bennett & Dave Lawson - Drive On
  15. Broken Machine Films Presents... - The Computer Chronicles 2
  16. Listening Center - Solaroid
  17. Keith Mansfield - High Profile
  18. Klaus Morlock - The Lake
  19. Mladen Franko - Long, Long Straight On

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